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Special Dessert
Special Dessert
Special Dessert
Special Dessert
Special Dessert
Special Dessert

Special Dessert

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Special made dessert candles. No you can’t eat it, but you will have an amazing aroma as if you were cooking the best bakery dishes ever.

 Made with our premium blended soy wax, infused with the hands of fresh scented and good ole southern sweetness that is toxic free. 

These desserts are limited edition.

Pudding in your mouth: Banana Pudding ambience of Banane Creme, and Vanilla Bean 

Cobbler Me Up: Peach Cobbler ambience of Sweet Peaches, and Butter Cake 

Eat My Cake: Sweet Cherry Cheesecake ambience of sweet citrus, cherries and warm vAnil’s 

Peek N for the Weekend: Butter Pecan ambience of Butterscotch, cake delight and Bourbon. 

Product Details:

•8oz or 12oz Glass Jar with Lid

•Wax blend of Soy Blend and Gel decor

•Ambience of southern sweetness

•70 + hrs burn time

*Do not ever burn your candle unattended.
*Always keep wicks trim.

*Never burn by a draft and or fan.

*This candle is not consumable nor edible.