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H.O.E BOX (Happiness Over Everything)
H.O.E BOX (Happiness Over Everything)

H.O.E BOX (Happiness Over Everything)

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IT’Z Always Happiness Over everything. Choose you everyday. But enjoy our Sexual enticing intimate spa box. 

IT’Z a H.O.E vibe

The H.O.E Box is filled with love, peace and high vibration of intimacy.

The H.O.E Box is for you!

Intimacy cannot be built on false pretenses, so don't be afraid to be real with your partner(s) about what you want.

Be Happy about who you are. This box is intended for only the mature audience. We must let you know we do not promote unsafe sex. We encourage all healthy relationships with healthy and toxic free vibes. 

Feel the intimacy arise, don’t hold back, this Box filled with body and love language and our musical playlist. 

Massage Me: time to keep the circulation flowing. The blood flow getting stimulated and ready for that climax. (natural body oil, blends of pure olive, vitamin E, coconut, and our love potion fragrance) 

Body Me: rub me down and smooth out the roughness (Natural Weaved exfoliating from west Africa Sopa) 

Suds & Rubs: lather it up and let the warm water wash it way. (natural oatmeal base, with activated charcoal, beets and our love potion fragrance. Nothing like a good warm to hot sudsy rub. It’s the cleansing sensation. Feel me

Light It Up: The ignition to my special space and place. Time to ignite and let the intimacy begin. (Natural Wax blended soy candle)