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Chakra Therapy

Chakra Therapy

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Tap into your energy that balances moves through out. Enjoy the aroma aNd the therapy that fuels your total realm. Every realm deserves its meditating time and balance of love.

❤ Red - The Root - Foundation

🧡Orange- The Sacral - Sensuality 

💛Yellow - The Solar Plexus - Self Value

💚Green- The Heart - Love and Inner Peace 

💠Aqua - Throat - Self Expression/ Communication

💙Royal Blue - Brow - Intiution/ Imagination

💜Purple - Crown - Divine Consciousness / Inner Beauty

Each handpoured candle was created to enter into a divine life line. Colors that are enchanting for each element that represents its significant meaning to helping the total inner body. 

Ambience of Cotton Amber, Citrus Blend and Pure Oranges.

Natural Coconut Wax Blend

All Cotton Wick

Burn time: 60 hrs +