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Collection: S.A.M (Saving A Mind)

So many are dealing with emotional trauma. We have lost an abundance of loved ones. We desire to be of greater resource to no longer losing our loved ones.
so  SAM Has been created, to help develop minds and increase our emotional intelligence. 

Saving A Mind (SAM) is our wellness pak to help young women and men that challenges of internalising pain. Such as bullying, an form of domestic violence, drug addiction, and rejection. We are here to be of greater works in our communities and families. We hope to bring daily affirmation, and inspiration as this is why we created this spa kit to aide and redirect energy to higher vibrations. Feeling golden, and looking good truly drives an energy that defeats the internalising challenges many can’t detect on someone. Many don’t know what mental challenges look like cause many know how to keep smiling and moving. 

Itz Appropriate, WAST WAIN, and FDYA has teamed up to collaborate on building more young men and women to having great confidence and continuance o elevating self esteem and self love. 

We have an amazing spa kit that is truly engaging to aide in redirecting low feeling of  vibrations to higher elevating vibrations. It’s interactive kit allows one to journal their story, as everyone has the authority over their life and how their life will be told, inspirational colouring book that is inspired with seeing their creative art coming into fruition,  and the amazing aromatherapy and natural cleansing bars, body butter, body oil, a meditation/musical candle, and T-shirt apparel that gives life on you and to others when seen and worn. 

if you know anyone that struggles with internal pain and seeks help please don’t hesitate to check or our SAVING A MIND interactive spa kit.

All proceeds will donated to First Dynasty Youth Association.


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